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Michael and Harold

Cindy Tonkin - July 22, 2008

Hey, unbelievable, but Michael Jackson turns 50 this year!!

The photo shows a display at the Chicago Public Library which had 50 facts about Michael (his children’s names, his dog’s name, that he was scared of his dad and obsessed with Diana Ross, that kind of thing). It was on the floor housing music (sheet music to read, but also video/dvds and recordings to listen to).

Last night I went back to the iO theatre to see a Harold night. I tend to just rock up and walk into whichever show has seats, and I suspect that I saw a set of lesser experienced Harold players last night.

Form-wise it was 2 Harolds, the Dream, a 3rd Harold and finishing on a freeze tag(!!)

“The Dream” is an all-in game where they interview an audience member about their day (for a very long time… I was able to go to the loo and return and they were still interviewing). Then they play that person’s dream as they might experience it that night.

There were 3 Harold teams: 9 players, 5 players and 6 players. Many scenes were 3 players (or more), which they did seem to have some trouble working. There were also a few 3 person scenes which worked really well. The 6 person scenes less so.

The most exciting scenes were the tag outs – less stage hogging, more ideas per minute.

Today is raining. The temperature in my room has dropped quite nicely. There’s supposed to be a game at Wrigley Field today, which apparently transforms everything here. At 10am there is no evidence of it, but when James and I went to the Yankees game in New York it started around 6pm. So I assume that will be when things hot up.

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