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Manly 2021

Cindy Tonkin - February 17, 2021

Two works that inspired me from the Manly Library prize this year. 

One a tiny set of prints made from “doll’s clothes”. The clothes were hung inside perspex on a wooden frame, which reminded me of an exhibition i saw in the medical museum in chicago in 2011 (there it was x rays and much larger). It’s a lovely way to display double sided images. And of course with my new open press I’m on the lookout for kinds of prints I might make, and these fabric/doll’s clothes would work beautifully!

Then there is the book which is essentially a half-carousel – but because it includes cardboard dots it is more robust than the normal carousel (which usually requires a good heavy frame to keep it together. 

There were probably more, but there were too many people around to get close enough.

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