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King Street Shops

Cindy Tonkin - July 2, 2023

I have started a new series, collaging the shopfronts of Newtown.

I did a series years ago using bus tickets and outlining the shops of Newtown (and here). It focused on the building shapes, rather than the content of the shops.

This one was a little inspired by the shopfront images I keep saving to this blog.

Here are some first drafts, where I followed the colours of the actual stores, and put in most of the details (including some interior details visible through the windows).

These taught me:

  • choose a palette
  • remember it’s not about the shop! a photograph will show reality, i have granted myself a licence to just do enough to show the bits
  • in an altered book I do not have to show through the original book (i started with an Australia New Zealand encylopedia I picked up at the shopping centre book exchange – the images were pedestrian)
  • limit the detail – no matter how cluttered their shopfront is mine doesn’t have to be

I’m onto the next iteration of this series which you’ll see soon. I’m still working on it.

I did make a couple of brick pattern cricut templates on tyvek which will no doubt have uses well beyond this one (the 2nd set of shops has no brick pattern at all).

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