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Paper beads

Cindy Tonkin - July 6, 2023

I saw this “game” in toyshop today – a paper bead making “machine”.

It reminded me that i had made paper beads several times

  • Nympheas style Monet – done while I was in France, so i didn’t have my usual box of ging-gangs and jimmi-jangas, so had to make some
  • Uffizi ceiling grotesques – made from Uffizi post cards, and also made while not at home – i was at Sturt in a class with Caren Florance

Of course I do have a mad collection of beads along with a good 30 years worth of plastic beads / jewelry which I no longer wear, so i may not need to make paper beads. And of course it’s an excellent way to ensure the beads are in the same colours and tones as a piece, if i need them.

My thoughts about how i would approach it differently

  • my notes outline making them from paper and double sided tape (yeah, forgot glue)
  • I could cut the long triangles with the cricut to make it much much easier and more consistent
  • obvious the wrapping round a knitting needle etc i do not need a windy machine for, and it’s good to have it remind me.

May never do it, but now i have a good plan!

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