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Italian piece

Cindy Tonkin - February 6, 2021

This Italian piece was part of a series I did in quite large format (maybe 1.3m high?) when I first started working outside of a teaching environment – me and my art buddies hired a studio at workshop arts centre. The photos are tagged as 2004, and we continued to hire and use the studio weekly until about 2019, so that was a long time!

The piece uses old sheet music to approsimate the brick, the windows are collages magazine bits (to give the variation), i outlined every window in sepia ink. the sea and piazza are collage from old Donna Hay magazine. the roofs are painted on with scratching into the acrylic paint.

It’s a cousin to this piece which is based on Paris, and has no sea. I think i used a photo as inspiration for this, whereas the Paris came out of my head.

I’m adding in some studies i did before I did the big piece (very un-me!). The studies are smaller than A4

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