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Ideas for scrolls

Cindy Tonkin - December 29, 2022

I have made a few scrolls (and here) and never finished them, for want of ideas on how to do that. Even repurposed one recently here.

This scroll around an old cotton reel revived my interest. I found it on pinterest, so be warned, you’ll be scrolling yourself for days if you follow the link.

and course here’s another with syringes

So now a list of options, in case my brain fails to bring them up to me when i want them.

  • cotton reels or spools
  • pencils
  • chopsticks
  • driftwood/sticks
  • lipstick box
  • actual lipstick
  • syringes
  • spray cans
  • knitting needles

of course one of the biggest issues in my studio and home is “keeping things in case i might use them”. this doesn’t help!

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