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Dining Table

Cindy Tonkin - December 29, 2022

It’s not quite art but it is making.

With advice and mentoring by my brother, i made a dining table for christmas.

The timber came from a box my dad made me (he no doubt found it recycled from somewhere) to fit in an 84cm square “nook” at the top of my stairs in Newtown. I recently put a toilet where the box used to be. I used the box as a coffee table, but it filled my room. The dining table i’d been using I had bought when i lived in the tiny apartment in St Peters: a white ikea gateleg. I had hankered for it since first I saw an ikea catalogue in my adolescence, long before I even went to an Ikea. I am keeping it (although the laminate has begun to peel back I have seen youtubes where people use liquid paper to repair – my solution recently has been to cover in a table cloth).

So I needed /wanted a dining table. Again, and isn’t it weird that I hang onto these things, I had wished for a long refectory table having seen an antique one at that place on Bridge Street Glebe that used to sell recycled tables for a million bucks.

So I spent about 2 weeks making a table.

I salvaged legs from a laminex table in the street, and painted them blue to match the staircase months ago in readiness. When it came time to put the legs on one of them had quite literally run away, so we dashed over to Bunnings and bought 4 x black pin legs, which i think may have been better (they take the considerable weight of the table.

here is the visual story of the table’s creation.

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