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Hand stands and the last day of week 4

Cindy Tonkin - August 8, 2008

This statue is just in a residential street behind Wrigley Field. Not sure why. I do know that sculpture of three motor bikes “planted” under the el has been excavated. So Art is ever-changing.

Today is the last day of Week Four, which in theory centred on The Harold. We did 4 or 5 Harolds today – the last 2 with all 14 people.

Surprise surprise the first 14 person Harold was too short. Twenty Minutes. About the length of time we’ve been practicing with all week.

The week has been exhausting for all of us. Some of the Toronto women are flying home this weekend to do a show. It will be interesting to see where their energy is on Monday.

Words of cool from today:

– the essence of a group game is to notice someone doing something, and do it too or complement it (make them look good), but do it bigger (heighten); as each person does this the heightening transforms it into something new

– group games also work in 3s

– common patterns with newer groups (to move through): wooshing to get off stage in group games, making worlds collide in the second beat (ie too early), everyone doing the same thing all the time rather than complementary (eg if they are an oven, be the fridge, not another oven

– 4 player archetypes: wild card (off the wall crazy – you need only one, but you need one); actor (makes any scene believable, real); funny bone (can make anyone laugh); artist (group player, does the sewing together, sees things from a different angle). These come from Joe Bill (and are the 4 who founded Annoyance)

– it’s not necessarily productive to spend a lot of time on what didn’t work (but what ifs, how elses, yes)

Less theory more play today.

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