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Grid fun

Cindy Tonkin - May 30, 2020

As my friend Lisa Giles says “Who doesn’t love a grid”. While raiding my cupboards for inspiration I came across a box full of maybe 100 artist trading cards I made 2009 ish I think.

Weirdly enough i don’t seem to have photographed any of them for this blog! they were sitting in a box, so i pulled them out and have been arranging them on grids. It’s deceptively simple, but fiendishly hard – sometimes they just all look great, but then if i want to put the blues closer together it upsets the balance and i can be shuffling cards around for hours. 

I’ve run out of large black card, and since I’m on a don’t buy art materials kick I’ve switched to white, but it’s not pleasing me so greatly….

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