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Frieze Number 7?

Cindy Tonkin - February 4, 2023

Frieze Number 7? was made after the Sturt week in early January. It has a question mark because i think there is already a number 7, but it doesn’t matter enough for me to verify.

I “took a line for a walk” along the electoral boundaries.

it’s different to the other friezes because I used atlas maps to make the shapes (while still using the electoral maps for the base.

Yesterday I renewed the line where it had disappeared behind shapes.

i’m kinda liking the line walking around the boundaries, and may end up with an abstract work that is pretty much just that.

I cut all of the shapes: bottles and jars and bowls, by hand, but am moving on to cricut cut shapes.

I am not super in love with the bit where i’ve lined around the bowls, but i do like how the teapots emerge frmo the map only when you’re up close. It’s a very different experience turning the pages of the concertina compared to looking at the full thing. haven’t yet photographed this as a book (because it’s not yet in the book), but will do so eventually.

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