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Cindy Tonkin - December 3, 2022

These collaged women are made from images that used to be in a sewing book i was given for one of my under-10 birthdays.

I had recently watched Igor, and the hero’s love interest/ heroine is a Frankenstein’s monster. But the artists have managed to make her weirdly attractive. and she was in my mind as I struggled to make the images into whole women while not always having symmetry.

I have a bit of work to do before I think the series is a goer, but then time heals all things, and in 6 months I might add to them or pick up the concept again.

I backed them with some sheet music I picked up from freecycle.

As with most of my collages, my intention is that the photograph of the work becomes the work, since the storage of these indulgences has become a bigger and bigger issue the more I make things (says she, in the middle of crafting yet another grandfather clock).

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