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Finally Kimonopoly Tiny Houses is done

Cindy Tonkin - February 19, 2017

Finally finished this piece today. See its history here.
I added windows in charcoal, more stamps in brown ink (the french word priorite), to make the iron lace feel. Spent a long time adding more black to the outline, and then satin varnish to (hopefully) seal the charcoal.

Oh, and I trimmed the tiny piece of white canvas from the edge.
Originally I cut the canvas around 110 x 110 centimetres so it could wrap around a 1m frame, but i got so interested in the fourth ring of houses, and i don’t want to cut any of them off, so it’s now the problem of whoever eventually gets it framed. I’ll probably hang it like a wall hanging for a little while if I can find a way to get a hook in a high enough position in my apartment!

Here are some detail photos of the piece.

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