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Cindy Tonkin - October 16, 2021

These two images are collages onto boxes – a large TV box which measures about 70x90x10cm and a bicycle box 143x23x87cm. I found them in the street – during the current covid lockdown i have been walking through random quiet side streets in my neighbourhood every day for an hour. My “neighbours” throw out things like big boxes which i can work original plan was to split the boxes and use the fronts and backs to make 2 x works each, but i have had problems with the box from my desk, using just one side and wetting it has caused the whole thing to warp a little – it just won’t sit straight on the wall.  So this time I’m using the entire box and it can hang on the wall as a box. there’s no rule against it, and it gives me a stable surface to work on. 

the source images are from national geographic – rocks and sand and aerial view of cities and towns – anything that works in the colourways of the piece. Whenever I had spare time, wanted to be arty, but didn’t have the energy or inspiration to paint or collages, I’d spend hours and hours tearing them out of national geographic magazines. So for years i’ve had a few folders labelled “Rocks”. I’m using them up!

Originally these rocks made epistories (epic stories) many of which were exhibited in the first solo exhibition, Patchwork and Stories. You can see them along the wall in the background in this photo. Unfortunately the resolution on images isn’t so fabulous, but I’ve left a few here. The new boxes may not end up looking like epistories if i add some more depth, but they are just too good to play with maybe?

This is one of the new ones – it’s the bicycle box, which is 143 x 23 x 87cm.

And this is the tv box, 70 x 90 x 10. We’ll see what happens next.

More on the second epibox here

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