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Collage Late October 21

Cindy Tonkin - October 21, 2021

we have recently been “liberated” from a long period in lock down, so i trotted over to Cathie’s for a cafe lunch and some art making on Friday. All the things i have in train are too big or too messy to carry, so i made a few collages instead. 

These are mostly part of the people with animal heads drinking tea series (because i now have a series of cardboard folder entitled “People”, “food”, “animals” and some departure point pages. 

I like Bogey’s gloves, and that his best friend is a minotaur. And in the orchard that i managed to create the optical illusion that all of the things were in the original image – even the bit of Paris. The orchard pic is when a monkey and a dog have tea with rabbit and frog. note the little bit of snow in the lower left hand corner, and how horses and Paris are integrated into the trees at the top right. 

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