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Animal head collages

Cindy Tonkin - October 10, 2021

It’s possible that these collages have already been uploaded to this blog – I am more interested in creating works than documenting their creation (someone recently mentioned that the artwork is a “souvenir” of the process, which is indeed true for me).

Generally I make collage when I’m feeling not too creative.

These I found in a pile under a pile of other things when I reorganized my studio recently. It’s part of the series I like to call “People with animal heads drinking tea”, but that’s a loose description really.

I am slowly working through and ditching piles of old paper, and that includes the glued together collages – in the end the “souvenir” I’m keeping of the work are these images.

The pages are all about A4 size (or magazine page which is in the ball park of A4). The images within come from donna hay magazines, national geographics, world book encyclopedia, and sometimes from me cutting plain pieces of paper into the shape of tea pots.

Of late I’ve been adding acrylic paint marker or sharpie to assist me in creating a particular look. But nothing is set in stone, and the beauty of this series is there is low pressure.

For more collages, just follow the Collage and Acrylic tag. 

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