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Ephemera Series

Cindy Tonkin - February 14, 2021

The ephemera series relies on a few keys:

  1. ephemera, mostly from our new york trip in 2008, but also from books of religious icons
  2. layers of tissue paper from my mother’s over-collected set, which i took when i helped her clear out the Kennedy Drive house
  3. layer upon layer of acrylic washes, especially in dark blue, a technique learnt from Robyn Kinsela in 2008 or thereabouts
  4. The ever-important gold Posca marker, to bring light back in
  5. Dress pattern tissue
  6. Thousands of things I’d pulled out of magazines when I was collecting fruit and veg (for my goddess for example).

The paper or canvas took on a leather-like quality. I still have a few of these on my walls today in 2021. These were mostly done in 2008 or 2009 i think. a few of them went to Tom and Natalie Allen when they moved into their new home.

More of the ephemera series here.

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