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Make graceful and lasting change

Day 4: validate, don’t invent

Cindy Tonkin - July 15, 2011

today we played our first full harolds. some of the scenes were great. some were just ok. but no real stinkers. got a class full of amazing people. not taking many notes because we’re playing a lot (which is so good!!)

the scene is in the first 2 lines: validate what’s there, go back to it, don’t invent anything new after that

Urn, Art Inst of Chicago

some more mapping scenes as examples
parent / child clean up room discussion (but over a fryer at a McDonald’s kitchen)
wrestlers trash talking (on the train on the way to work)
catholic confession (in detention)
coming out (finance guys announcing one is vegetarian)

fish at shedd aquarium, chicago

the question came from the class “is there anything off limits in a show?”.
well, it depends who you are, but here are some interesting things: the studio audience in the Colbert Report are briefed to laugh and whoop and holler if they appreciate a joke, but if it’s a misogynist, homophobic or racist joke they are asked to refrain from whooping… the show says they are concerned it will sound like a rally, rather than a comedy routine.
apparently people in chicago have been known to leave a show if someone plays jesus on stage

Conducted story (like story, story, die, but no one dies, and it’s not competitive).
Story (acted out, sharing focus like in conducted story, but without anyone pointing)

second beats
explore and heighten what’s already been created
see characters in a different situation

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