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Come get your 2d works!

Cindy Tonkin - August 11, 2014

I know this blog mostly focuses on book arts, mostly because that’s what I’ve been working on for the last few years.
But on 23rd August 2014 I’m having an art sale.
Here are some of the works you might want to take home with you, and help me realise my goal of having my works in 1000 places by the time I hit 60.

I’ll open up my archives and find you something that works for your space.
And I’ll offer you tea and biscuits.
If you don’t know where I live, then please email me and I’ll give you the address. I’m in from 10 to 6pm.

2m x 45cm

based on the song “If I had words”

Cindytonkin if i had words acrylic, pastel on canvas 45 x 200 2013

60x60cm collage, ink and acrylic on canvas

based on a map of Newtown

1m x 1m: based on my reading of the book “The Night Circus”

about 230cmx60cm

using old maps and photographs of objects

about 230x60cm

about 230 x 45cm

using photographs of rocks from old national geographics

about 230x45cm

japanese feel, plus ephemera

About 230x50cm

using old sheet music, book pages and tissue

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