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Fimo Buttons: Part two

Cindy Tonkin - August 11, 2014

So last week I made some buttons out of air-drying Fimo.
This week I took some old 2d works and made them into books to show off the buttons.

these are some of the buttons, with a few coats of acrylic paint.

This one is a venetian blind binding (well,  string through the middle). The poem on the round pages is on both sides of the paper. the poem is The time it will come by Derek Walcott.

This little book is yet to get words. It’s from a crayon rubbing I did years ago, the back is coated in old book pages and tissue paper sewing patterns. To keep some consistency I used the Priorite and Fragile stamps that are on the button. It’s a one page book / snake book. The cover is on canvas paper, again, an old work re-worked into a book!

This third books is a concertina from a map of Toledo in Spain, again partly covered (and reinforced) with sewing pattern tissue paper. Again no words yet, but I will get to that! Priorite stamps to make it consistent. Cover a work

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