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Class number infinity

Cindy Tonkin - August 13, 2008

While it may seem like I have written over a million posts, it’s slightly less than 90 (and counting).

Here is a photo of people in my class about to go on stage. Today people had their cameras out – only 2 more class days, then a show Friday night, and we are done. We have all facebook befriended each other, and we’ll be friends forever (as is the case with all intensive programs, right?).

Cool formats:

– 1 2 3 – monologue, 2 person scene, 3 person scene (rinse repeat)

– similarly 1223

Things I want to remember from today:

– no need to set up all of the context in your first line (the bits in italics at the opening of a play “we are in an office, john is wearing a suit and typing on the pc”) – just set up what’s important (the rest can change)

– if you find you’re not responding emotionally in a scene, stop, listen, and then respond (it’s never too late to begin)

– easiest if first scene is reasonably grounded, then 2nd 3rd beats can be kooky (harder the other way around)

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