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Chair Frieze Jan 23

Cindy Tonkin - January 4, 2023

Following an inspiring trip to the national gallery yesterday I joined 10 pages of the electoral boundary books into a concertina, and raided the old High Life magazines (which i have disparaged much in the past because they are just a glossy magazine to sell real estate in the Southern Highlands).

I took at chairs mostly, and some lovely ornaments (and possums and dogs).

Glued them all in last night and then filled in the spaces and followed some lines.

i actually drew back in some imaginary electoral boundaries, around dogs or tables or blankets, partly to work with the book’s idea (electoral boundaries which are consistently re negotiated and which follow weird lines – roads, rivers, coast lines, but not really.

also discovered it didn’t much matter what colour I drew in the lines and continued the collage with, because the eye just adds it in.

So this is version 1 of the Chair Frieze.

Chair Frieze 1 Jan 4 2023

I’m about to do another version. here are some notes on things i want to try:

  • maybe shorter, say 5 pages?
  • what about a central band of colour, then adding things?
  • or a line that goes across the whole set?
  • consider drawing the room which is darn well full of chairs and tables, as an outline and then collaging in
  • or some pots and cups and etc (also plentiful in this airbnb we’re staying in)
  • or some just abstract shapes (i did this before with chairs, and it was restful work but not that interesting to me afterwards

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