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Cindy Tonkin - August 25, 2017

These three small canvases (10x20cm ish), have been in my cupboard half done for more than a year.

They just didn’t feel done. I gave them a coat of my new ironlak markers (as I do, now!), but the orange one wasn’t right. I added some purple to the laser cut circles, but it wasn’t right still, until i went purple on everything, and it worked out beautifully. may still bring back some orange in the tiny bubbles themselves, but I’m very happy with them!

here’s the pix.

The “old” piece is somewhere in the archives of my site, can’t find it right now. I was the same 3 circles on each piece, (i.e. 9 circles, 3 on each), but the background was from tea, so it was a brackish, uneven colour. I prefer the smooth ironlak!

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