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Cindy Tonkin - April 27, 2023

Pulled this one together on Anzac Day this year. The paper was leftover encaustic (the piece of paper that had been under my pieces all week. I had scratched into it, added some watercolours (Gensai Tambi) recently, and stamped the random names from the wedding invitation print press stuff I picked up in January from Robyn Kinsela.

It was an odd size, so I cut it in “kinda” half and then made it into a split concertina.

I added the poem Strange Opera by George Bilgere written with a black concrete marker (which didn’t like the wax) and then with a silver plant marker (which didn’t seem to mind the wax). The markers I bought for $1 each in a recent Officeworks sale. glad I could find something that worked on wax. 

fyi, concrete markers are designed to write on concrete. plant markers designed to work on plants. I mostly bought them because they were on special, and who doesn’t need a weird marker every now and then.

The cover of this book is a page out of a Frankie magazine in my special ephemera box. Black belly band to just top it off.

Not entirely happy with my handwriting (since the book wouldn’t open properly), but it’s a thing I enjoyed making.

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