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Architecture Cruise

Cindy Tonkin - August 4, 2008

Well, I spent 90 mins on the Chicago River, and know heaps of interesting facts about Chicago Architecture, Art Deco Chicago (compared to New York Deco), Echo Deco and contextualism.

I finished today a very ordinary novel called “The Boy Detective Fails”. After about 100 pages in I have been reading and thinking how I can alter it. “Altering” a book means breaking it up or cutting or tearing or painting it and creating something new.

Fortunately The Boy Detective Fails is printed on a creamy paper with a torn edge. The edges are uneven. Although it’s a paperback it’s properly bound.

So I’m now inspired to cut into it with an art deco pattern (I have a photo from a building detail here. Who knows if it will work? And if it doesn’t at least I will have gotten value for my $14 novel!

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