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Wicked Witch of the Inner West: a new instagram collaboration

Cindy Tonkin - June 18, 2018

Over the long weekend in June Nicola and I started an art collaboration.

It’s called the Wicked Witch of the Inner West.

We came up with the idea talking about architecture and renovations in the inner west: we commented on a well-known semi-detached house in Summer Hill where one half of the house is a traditional semi, and the other half has been renovated to a modernist thing with weird poles and etc. Marian commented that it was like the house had dropped from the sky.

I joked that we should get a pair of ruby red slippers and stick them under the verandah of the house. As tends to happen we riffed on the idea, and so we ended up buying a pair of faux-blundstones, making some stripey stockings and sticking them under things.

You can see the results on instagram here.

Most relevant to this blog is the witch craft we did to make it happen.

Here are THOSE pictures!

We have in fact 4 sizes of witch:

  • the size 9 faux-blundstone boots and hand-sharpied socks
  • a 15 inch or so high (boy doll but who knows by shape of the legs?)
  • 2 x 5 inch high ones (one for each of us to carry around in our handbags in case opportunities come up)
  • 1 x 3 inch one which I keep in my handbag (you never know when a coffee cup or a muffin is going to fall from the sky and hit her!)

So far the witch has provided so much laughter it has been well worth the time invested, and I’m sure more mirth is to come. We’ll be feeding instagram a couple of times a week for a while now (I have a huge backlog from just 2 weekends of visiting icons of the inner west).

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