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Through the windows

Cindy Tonkin - June 18, 2018

Continuing my binding of the wall paper sample book monoprints I made with Glen Skien in January. And the binding that doesn’t involve any stitching or gluing (well, it doesn’t have to, I often just add it in).

This one is a re-mix of a book I created in a box. Haven’t yet been able to find the original pix of the book, It was originally curled because i just loved how the curled edges of wallpaper looked. Over the last 6 months of just hanging out in the box, though, it flattened. So I’ve flattened it right out.

the old structure which was a little bit like a series of bows was fastened by brads through the centre. The brad marks remain on the pages.

this new one sits flat, and i really do like it.

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