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Turkish maps together

Cindy Tonkin - May 27, 2017

I’ve connected a heap of turkish map folds into a carousel-like structure.

There is a pleasing movement and two levels going on. And it still folds flat (great for storage: when I make a piece every week it gets cumbersome to store all of these things!

The decoration on the pages:

  • a map from my curious and interesting maps
  • the quote about fairytales and dragons from G.K. Chesterton via Neil Gaiman which I’ve used before
  • a scan of some old postcards from or to me, in English and French, again, which I’ve used before
  • my major focus was to create a covering for the pages, just to see what 7 pages of A3 would look like.

Here’s a how to fold a turkish map.

Here’s a 4 pager together (it just wasn’t enough)







The 5 maps together seemed to have more life (now, in retrospect). I didn’t take a photo sorry.

These are 7 maps together.

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