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Tiny Whispering Rabbit Concertina Series

Cindy Tonkin - December 20, 2015

Five tiny pieces for #sydsmlgly. Each book is 2x3x1.3cm when closed.  

  Altered (or upcycled maybe) from the Little Golden Book The Whispering Rabbit. If you’re interested in the story, see the end of this post.
Some of the pockets have paper printed with French postcards from the 70s (M et Mme Piton), and a map of Paris. Concertinas with pockets. Held closed by a belly band. The photos below on the green background are of the first book I made. The rest I finished and have photographed on the white background.  

  For those who are interested, the Whispering Rabbit is about a baby rabbit who yawns without closing his mouth and a bumblebee flies into his mouth and falls asleep in his throat. He has to whisper because of the bee.  He whispers to many animals in search of what to do, and the best advice is to make a very small sound.  The ideas of what the small sounds are (snow melting, a fireman thinking) are just beautiful. In the end the sound of a bee miles away sucking nectar from a slower wakes up the bumblebee. And finally the rabbit can sleep.   

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