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Tiny terraces enclosed

Cindy Tonkin - January 9, 2016

Week at sturt is over.
Rod Bamford has been really cool letting me ignore the 3d aspects of this week’s program. I walked in with a project in mind (to use all the now defunct bus tickets karina had saved for me). I got the rare opportunity to work iteratively with the $8k+usd machine so i can now move really fast and make things quickly.
How grateful i am that i had that chance!

What happened with the terraces:
Yesterday i created some perspex boxes to serve as slipcases to some of the bigger bus ticket works (see here).
Photos attached.

Made a small set of perspex boxes to put tix in directly.

Find of the week was where you enter dimensions and it puts out a pdf template. This can be converted for Laser cutting. Genius! And of course it’s a box template for book making too.

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