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Tiny island begins

Cindy Tonkin - November 23, 2016

A few weeks ago I saw Kathryn Orton’s work and wanted to do something similar.

I’ve been saving every little box that comes into my kitchen and here’s about 4 weeks worth of boxes covered with some old magazine pages.

Not sure what form the final work will take (an island, a hilltop village, a metropolis?), but I’m enjoying playing with them.

The boxes range in height from 6 to 27 cm.

Here are some mysteries I shall solve eventually

  • do i cut windows in or stick windows on or just leave them as building-like objects? if i cut windows I could put lights inside (woo that would be cool!)
  • do I adhere them to a platform or to each other? can i suspend them maybe? so stalagmite or stalactite?
  • is the white collage edges a little distracting, do i need to limit the colour palette a little more – the reds seem to stick out. It started all grey-green and plum, and then I ran out of those colours and things got brighter

Stay tuned for the answers!

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