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The Pine Islands

Cindy Tonkin - November 9, 2022

The Pine Islands i altered on aa weekend in Pearl Beach.

Nicola gave me the book originally, mostly because of the lovely endpapers, with japanese cranes.

because i was away for the weekend i had to make a reasonably swift choice about what I would take with me, and so it’s mostly cut with a knife, to have show through pieces (I like throughness!).

I had created from the Sondhem cricut stencil and some ink a series of business-card sized bits. And they had a Japanese kind of feel (most of them no longer resemble the letters and words they were created from). So they were the missing piece for this whole book.

it was fun to be restricted and also to play. I glued, wove, ripped, pleated and generally mucked around with the book and its contents.

Here is the video.

The Pine Islands Altered Book

and here are the images.

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