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The cricut arrived!

Cindy Tonkin - October 10, 2019

This weekend was a long weekend, and I spent most of Sunday cutting and folding components for Book art object piece.

it was complicated by the (brand new) laser printer going on the fritz, and me not having the right tools to set up the wifi connection at nicola’s, where I’m currently staying (it’s become BAO central in her absence). I did work out that I need 16 folded box folds per piece, and therefore how many I’ll need to fold (too many). I’ve taken some photos you’ll see below of the work in progress.

Of course I finally made the decision to buy a Cricut maker (for my birthday last week), which didn’t arrive till Tuesday, so theoretically once I get my head around how it works I’ll be able to expedite the cutting process (and therefore go for more adventurous cuts). So far it’s been disappointing – only comes with one blade, no scorer (dammit), pieces are expensive ($90 for a scorer?), and the tutorial on how to use it failed so many times I just gave up and got to blundering through. but it will draw and score and cut (once I get a new damn scoring bit). I’ll know more soon.

In the interim I’m going to finish the piece I began. I’m quite pleased with the sunrise on the beach colours.

Here are the work in progress pix.

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