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Cindy Tonkin - March 30, 2020

When I was 17 I lived in france for a year. 

My mother joined me for a few weeks and we took trains to Paris, Nice, England, Lyon. I was a terrible travelling companion. 

These are train timetables she had saved in her memorabilia. They came into my hands probably more than 10 years ago, and this week I finally made them into something. With the COVID-19 isolation newly in force, I’m making many more things lately! 

I put the train timetables together with a double concertina form. I cut the form of a TGV style train into the existing concertina, but it’s not really easy to see. Now I have the Cricut Maker I can pretty much add any little embellishments I like! 

Since the timetables are just lightweight paper they weren’t quite robust enough to keep the form, so I’ve joined the individual pages of the concertina with orange paper, which isn’t normal for a double concertina. It adds an orange flair to the blue and orange timetables. The cover brought it all together, because I found I could bind it into more a fan-like form – you’ll see what i mean in the pictures. 

I pulled this together while watching old eps of Seinfeld. So it’s all anchored into the piece. I like the cover, which i improvised from my scraps box. 

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