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Sydney Book Art Group works out

Cindy Tonkin - April 12, 2019

Sydney BAG / Sydney Book Art Group opened up our “studio” to people following the creative trail on april 5 and 6 april 2019. This was the 3rd year that we did the open studio trail (last year it was called IWOST for inner west open studio trail, it used to be LOST – leichhardt open studio trail). 

This was the first year that we did two days in a row. It meant we could interact with more relaxation, and we all got to fold a heap of christmas stars and chatterboxes and such.  Since we knew how it worked there was much less fuss, but this year Barbara Bartlett and Lisa Giles made a few installations (Barbara’s was the what is book art one you see below, Lisa used more of the offcuts i picked up in Bowral at the letterpress cafe in Jan 2018 to create a “mask” for the gum tree outside, also pictured below). 

the pictures below were some of the works on the tables (we each had a table to display our work). You’ll maybe recognise mine. 

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