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Singapore and Back

Cindy Tonkin - August 25, 2019

So I spent a week in Singapore this week. 

I took with me this small a5 sized notebook that Nicola gave me years ago (see others in the small series, designed to show off beautiful papers, here).

I’ve been working on the chairs series, where I essentially disregard space and draw chairs all over the place, so the extension of this I did in this book: essentially I drew where I sat and all of the objects around me without regard to perspective or sense, I drew lines through things and around things because they were superimposed.

I drew the outlines at a cafe, while having a pedicure, while watching Mary Poppins inflight, and then I coloured them in while sitting in other places. 

Used just 4 pencils, which are watercolour pencils. I did smear some of the watercolour pencils with my fingers and the Shirley Temple i was sipping on the terrace of the Ibis Novena Singapore but mostly it’s just coloured in. 

Perhaps there’ll be a finishing off, but for now it’s done. 

Stills below.  

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