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Pochoir works – before they became books

Cindy Tonkin - March 14, 2015

I did a pochoir workshop at Sturt Summer School in 2014.
I put up a few posts then: here, and here.
Here is pretty much the whole suite.

This is the pochoir stencil from which i made the women.
I added more curly bits from other stencils, and added to the original woman stencil.
The tough thing about pochoir is thinking in reverse.
stencil of leaves
added the leaf stencil to an existing collage / drawing work (from a previous ink drawing also done at Sturt Summer School, maybe 2012?)
all of my stenciled bits added together – on canvas
the lady suite on the cupboard for the display at the end of Sturt’s Summer School 2014
the big ones are on canvas

To see what these works became, click here.

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