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Palimpsest stamp experiments

Cindy Tonkin - January 10, 2019

Nicola explained to me a book she was planning.

The way i misunderstood what she was doing triggered this series.

I have started with a page divided into 16 parts. then i decorated using mostly stamps and black ink (for simplicity). There is one page with just 1 piece of decoration, then the rest of the pages have an increasing number of bits added (by page 16 there are 16 elements).

Partly this was triggered by memory of making the pages for the stack – Receipt is acknowledged was a piece i put through my laser printer, and then I added more complexity with more levels, and every time I did I loved it more, even though there was nothing wrong with the first layer.

I’ve done a few pieces with the stamps while I’m here in Bowral. here are the pix.

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