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Cindy Tonkin - January 5, 2020

Nicola gave me some luxurious offcuts from her printmaking.
I have used “all of the beast” and made a series of small books.
The offcuts were all around 10.5cm high by 20 – 27 cm, the edges have
lovely deckle, the patterns beautifully abstract.
I also discovered a new way to make a cover (making the offcuts form a
cross, cutting out a slit to insert them, then gluing, plus
embedding/gluing a ribbon in).
I’ve made a series of videos and a few stills.
There is:
– a carousel
– an extended concertina with cut outs
– a concertina with pockets
– a concertina with my 2010 – 2019 life
– a single flag book using the small carousel window offcuts
– a no glue skewer and ribbon binding small book
– a double flag with the larger carousel window offcuts

You can see more of what i’ve done with Nicola’s offcuts here.

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