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NGA Pre-raphaelites + drawing

Cindy Tonkin - January 10, 2019

Saw the pre-raphaelites mostly from the Tate, at the National Gallery a few days ago. Also wandered aruond the galleries.

the drawing exhibition had some liberating drawing ideas: a woman who drew “the changing environment” around her husband sitting in the middle of a page or around plates on the table. it wasn’t so much drawing as concentrated doodling. Also a little yayoi kusama – the one cathie and i  had seen in brisbane last year.

there were a couple of concertinas in the california cool exhibition – including ed ruscha’s sunset strip photographs – i think i could do the same with king st – it was every building in the street. I plan to go back to my old photographs and find the old king street photographs i took way back when i still had the old olympus camera.

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