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National Gallery!

Cindy Tonkin - January 2, 2017

Today I visited the National Gallery in Canberra.

It was day one of the Sturt Summer School, but I have not enrolled this year (couldn’t find anything that I wanted to do, and I get grumpy when I’m in a class I don’t love).

So I popped on down to Canberra to see Versailles (the travelling exhibition). I wasn’t that excited about Versailles (the real thing is better, and there were just so many people there.

But since Blue Poles is also travelling they have reorganised the other galleries, and I loved the section on “Domestic” scenes which had some pieces by Ethel Spowers which I’d never seen, as well as the expected Grace Cossington Smith, and a Stella Bowen (having read Stravinsky’s Lunch, I know her name, some of her life history, but not her work).

Here are my pictures.

Oh, special mention to the stuff by Frank Stella. While I didn’t love the pieces (I’m not keen on the colours he uses: but the b&w were great), what I did love were the videos on his process for printmaking.

Also the still life by Amede Ozenfant.

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