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Cindy Tonkin - October 22, 2018

This book was originally called the Dumbest Moments in Business History. I have altered it to just be Moments.

It uses collage elements, and the thing I like most about it is the embedded concertina. I loved the little concertina, onto which i had typed “I carry your heart with me” (e.e. cummings). I have been trying to use up the scraps on my desk before I move house in a couple of weeks. This particular concertina scrap has been floating around the desk for more than two years, but I just loved it and didn’t want to throw it away. The other collage elements within the book are mostly from the monoprints on wallpaper and such I did in January (that “stock” just gives and gives!).

The back inside cover is a stack of the printing offcuts I picked up in bowral at the letterpress place (i have thousands of them), covered with wittner tissue paper. the second pleated concertina has Tread Carefully because you tread on my dreams (W.B. Yeats) typewritten onto it.

here are some more pics

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