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Meaghan’s monotype works

Cindy Tonkin - August 3, 2003

At Patchwork anbd Stories I exhibited 3 x monotypes done at the Orange Summer School.

My friend Meaghan Hill bought one of them (because the blue matched her curtains). I gave her the other 2 in the series (and of course now every time I visit her the red one sits in pride of place in her lounge room – she doesn’t even know where the blue one is now!).

These are they. At the time I didn’t own a digital camera, and the one I borrowed from Pat wasn’t very high res. so this is what we have.

I’m amused that I used my 3 year degree in Japanese to be able to scrawl the characters on the right side of this one. And thank National Geographic for the images of the warriors or gurus.


This is the red one. Some paper probably donated by someone in the class, because i wasn’t yet a hoarder of paper stocks.


And the third in the series. the monoprint made a lovely moody mist, and again my schlock kanji. Actually probably at the time I knew exactly what it said.

And here are all three and some other works I made at my first mixed media class in Orange.

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