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Man holes and all that jazz

Cindy Tonkin - June 28, 2008

I don’t remember when I first started to notice them. Perhaps I was taking my brand new digital camera out for a spin, and waiting to cross the road. Maybe it was in Florence, where the utility covers have fleur-de-lys-like icons on them. Or maybe in Sydney, Australia, where I found one marked “Tree” (I entered it into an art show, with the title “This is not a tree”, but they didn’t think it worthy of display).
In any case, I’ve finally taken the plunge and made a blog.
I would love to know whose job it is to design these things. In New York I saw utility tops marked “Made in India”. And others marked with American names. I’m about to go to Vietnam, I wonder if they’ll have any in Ho Chi Minh City? And then I’m off to Chicago, so I’ll be able to post from there.
So if you design manhole covers, or if you share my interest in this crazy concept, come see what I’ve found, and send me yours!!

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