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Coastal: Feb 2008 installation works

Cindy Tonkin - February 1, 2008

These are my installation pieces from the Coastal exhibition in Feb 2008.

The only one which sold was the collaged thong. You can see 5 of them on the plinth below. I can’t find any closer up images.

I created a couple of altered books (here and here) as well (one of my early forays into artists books).

Each of the artists who participated in the show made a 10cm reproduction of a few of our works and we put them in identical ikea frames – that’s the wall of square frames.

The text inside the small boxes was the e.e. cummings poem Maggie and Milly and Molly and May. The boxes were recycled jewellery boxes, a small chest of wooden drawers about 5cm wide and a cheese box. The shells were from mussels I’d eaten recently.

The messages in a bottle held life advice (I have forgotten exactly what: I remember dumpster diving at Sturt Summer School in 2008 to get the bottles because I loved their shape, I remember putting them back in the recycling after the exhibition, but not what was inside them!).

The blocks were collaged with sea from a UBD street directory (when such things existed).

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