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Lots of concertinas

Cindy Tonkin - September 19, 2014

I have been carrying a number of old 2d works with me to the studio every Friday for a few weeks. Today I made them all into concertinas, with the intention of adding to them, making boxes or whatever over the next few visits to the studio.
It’s “school holidays” so no art for a few weeks. So I’m making notes here.

I’m really impressed with this which is the “back” of the piece. It’s just the normal spills and spots that happen on the back of any work on paper (well, any of mine!), but they look nicely abstract.

and above is the “front” of the piece. I’m thinking of some e.e.cummings for this (i’m quite taken with “I’d rather learn from one bird how to sing than teach ten thousand stars how not to dance” right now).

This green piece above is again the “back”, but it looks really good – it’s layers of oil pastel and acrylic.

This is the front. it started out with collaged-in photos of some old Arnott’s biscuits trucks.

The back of this one looks better than the front. I stitched them together because they are on quite thick paper and with the collaged elements as well they don’t take well to glue.  My thought is to add more stitching, maybe even stitch on some text elements, or some paper on which to write some text.
This is the “front’ of the piece. it looks better in reality.
Not the same piece as above, but it was originaly made from the same 2d piece (and then cut down, re-treated and now made into a book!) It’s a little dark in colour.
This green piece I always thought had potential that was never fulfilled as a 2d piece. I think it will come into its own as a book, although I’m not keen on the difference between the back (yellow) and the front (such a soft green with a map-like collage)
The front of this one (the green) was a portrait of Anne Maree.
The front of this one was also a portrait of Anne Maree, with a collaged element (the purple bit). It adds a nice random element which wouldn’t have made it into a book if i’d started with that.
Again not that happy with the differnence between back and front
This one is very brittle – it’s rubbings from my favourite man hole cover at Frensham. They were put together to show a tree. Now they’re just great as a book. But brittle, especially since the back is also covered with an Oscar Wilde play.
Trying not to make silk purses from sow’s ears any more, so it may not make the cut next time I play with these.
So hard to get back and front to mix. The front is an old epistory. The back was washes i did today. Hopefully with another layer I can make the back be similar enough to pass.
And finally a snake book. made from a large piece of paper, with nothing on the back. I tried to draw some jewels. They look quite pretty. My vision for this one is some small black ink drawings or doodles on the back. Maybe some stitching or some tiny pockets.

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