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Lemony Snicket boxed

Cindy Tonkin - April 23, 2017

I’m always starting new projects and the others sit neglected.

This one began pre-christmas.

Here it is almost the end April and I return.

I appropriated a telstra modem box and have cut slits to house the “boxed set”

I made the slits large enough to include some elements that protruded past the top of the books, but I’m now going to change that (it will mean those bits get battered if the box is moved around, and that’s not a good way to START a book’s life, is it?).

Here are the photos of the whole thing to date. Some more gluing cutting pasting and etc to be done before it’s done. Cathie has given me some very nice pale paisley paper to complement the colours of the creamy paper, so i look forward to getting back to it!

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