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Lemony nearly done

Cindy Tonkin - June 16, 2017

I’ve come so close to completing the altered lemony snicket series that I’ve optimistically recorded a video.

Photos tend to flatten tunnel books and carousels, making them seem quite ordinary – the movement is what makes them delicious. So a video is perfect to show the tunnel, carousel, split concertina and turkish maps inside these volumes.

Today I completed the carousel in volume 6. I also added a little bit to the spine (see the video to see what i mean).

I still have plans for a few more tiny adjustments:

  • add my name in gold pen on the spines (tricky, because of the snug fit to get them into the box)
  • perhaps a few more “pull me” tabs and some reinforcing of the existing ones
  • maybe a final tidy of the box itself

I’m taking the set to my book buddies meeting tomorrow (Sydney Book art group), so I’ll no doubt return with more ideas. It makes my heart glad to see it unfurled and to see people playing with it and enjoying it. altering books is such a journey – i never know at the beginning what i will do with each one. If you read the history of this one you’ll see that at first all i planned to do was turn over the pages and add a few envelopes. Now some of the books still hold traces of that intention, but some of them do not, because the bigger better idea emerged.

Previous iterations of this series are here:

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