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Cindy Tonkin – Improv

I am an active stage improviser, playing on stages in Sydney’s Inner West. I produce shows and also teach with the Academy of Improvisation

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Here are some of the improv shows I have produced and directed:

claudia june cindy melissa may jasminecindy and june algebra lucas brown 05

Improvising is an ensemble act. That means we’re all part of a community, both on stage and off.

I believe it’s important to support communities of which I am a part, so I managed front of house for Impro Australia’s mainstage improvised shows at Belvoir Street Theatre and Enmore Theatre for 5 years. I was the production and marketing team for Impro Australia’s Scared Scriptless for three years.

Then I ran my own shows for a while. My improv show, Likewise is in hiatus. Click here to see my improv blog: notes from classes I’ve taken in Chicago mostly.

Cindy Tonkin art

Yes, I use improv in corporate too. In corporate improv helps you create bonded teams, get more ideas and make your strategy offsite come alive. Click here to find more, or just talk to me about it.

Here I am improvising in a friend’s show: