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Illegal Chicago

Cindy Tonkin - June 20, 2023

I made this book from Erin’s Victoria’s Secret bag and some letraset letters and magazine bits when I was maybe 2 weeks into a summer in Chicago in 2011. I had booked in for a 2 week Musical Improv class at Second City, and the 2nd week didn’t get enough enrolments, so I spent the week touristing: museums, libraries, architectural tours on river cruises.

On the open-topped bus tour they listed some weird things that are illegal in Chicago. This book is based on that.

This facebook post I made in 2011 kinda explains it:

The ones which apply to the image below are: you can’t:

  • fish while sitting on a giraffe
  • fish in pyjamas
  • fish on the lake near a giraffe
  • carry a slingshot (unless you’re a cop)
  • teach a pet to smoke a cigar

Heaven knows why these are all true, and of course it could inspire so many short stories if I wanted to do that.

For now I’ve done this tiny concertina. Because it’s so glossy I just love it, even though it’s small and inconsequential.

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