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Hidden Patterns

Cindy Tonkin - July 21, 2023

This is one of the first clamshell boxes I made, and one of the first properly bound books.

i’m not gifted in the binding department – i’m not that patient. but it was good to know that I COULD make things.

the papers are oil pastel rubbings with acrylic paint washes. The rubbings were things around the Frensham School where I was doing a summer school i believe Sarah Bowen was the teacher for this, in Summer 2013. So the rubbings were of ferns and leaves and bricks and tiles and manholes. Some of the pages are joyfully fabulous.

I’m giving this book and box to my friend Claudie, who sings like an angel, knows the words to every single worthwhile broadway anthem (and many others), reads like it’s going out of fashion and still finds time to see more than 80 shows in a year. She is a priceless friend.

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